Siam Retreat offers an escape from the world with our Thai Massage & Spa. We help you transport yourself to a world full of relaxing sounds and soothing scents, all with the mission of bringing you to a peaceful state of mind. Located in three separate locations in Adelaide, Siam Retreat brings authentic Thai massages straight into the heart of South Australia.

We ensure that every experience is memorable. You will enter with your aches and pains or worries from the outside world, and you leave worry-free and in a complete state of relaxation.

What our Thai Massage & Spa experience offers

Our massage therapists have expert training, which is continuous throughout their careers. So this helps them massage away the anxiety and stressors that build out throughout your body. They have a passion for the work that they do and devotion and dedication to the craft and art of massage. Every time a client leaves satisfied helps to reinforce their tutelage and skill.

All of this takes place in facilities that are designed as an escape from life to a faraway resort or paradise itself. You'll have an introduction to a variety of authentic Thai massage and spa facilities, all with your health and wellness in mind.

In addition, you may consider our essential oil treatments which we offer to guide your mood in a positive direction. Our Thai herbal scrubs are ritualistic in nature to cleanse your soul as much as your body. You exit feeling as if you’ve shed a layer off. You could also mellow out in our masterful Thai soaking tubs that immediately lighten your spirits and work to bring in positive vibes and energies. At the same time, your muscles will start to unwind and relax.

We have optimized our operations across these three locations to ensure that you can get authentic services at the best and most competitive pricing in the market. Whenever you’re ready to book your next Thai massage with us, we’ll be gladly waiting to service your needs.

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Siam Retreat
Siam Retreat Discover About Us
Siam Retreat Discover About Us

252a Rundle St. Adelaide SA 5000
Next to “Exeter Hotel” Entrance at Rear
(08) 82329992(+61) 405062266

Siam Retreat Discover About Us

Shop 3/168 Melbourne Street North Adelaide SA 5006
Opposite “The Old Lion”
(08) 8361 9725(+61) 420 985 952

Siam Retreat Discover About Us

Shop 10/47 The Parade Norwood SA 5067
Park at Rear off Beyer St.
(08) 8332 7044(+61) 416 759 900

Mon – Sunday 10.00 am. to 08.00 pm.